The Irish Itinerary


Northern Europe Itinerary


Rita Duffy


25th February - Agder University, Norway


27th February - Gothenburg University, Sweden


1st March - Dalarna university, Sweden



Sinead Murphy and Darina Gallagher - Songs of Joyce



4th March - University of Agder, Norway


6th March - University of Gothenburg, Sweden


8th March - UNiversity of Dalarna, Sweden



Anne Enright


25th February - Dalarna University, Sweden


27th February - Stockholm University, Sweden


27th February - Ronells Antikvariat Bookstore, Sweden


1st March - Gothenburg University, Sweden


3rd March - Agder University, Norway



Western Europe Itinerary


Rita Duffy



18 March - Campus Halls, L’université Rennes 2, Rennes


19 March Petit Amphithéâtre, Institut du Monde Anglophone, Paris


21 March - Campus Halls, L'université Charles-de-Gaulle Lille 3, Lille


15 May, 9.45-11.30 and 12.45-14.30, Radboud University, Nijmegen


16 May, 18:00pm, Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe, Leuven




Gerry Smyth



17 March - Café Trianon, Berg en Dalseweg 33, Nijmegen


18 March - Libraire V.O., Lille


20 March - Brussel Hogeschool, Brussels


20 March - Leuven Institute For Ireland in Europe, Leuven


21 March - Concert Hall of the Rectorate, Kortrijk


22 March, Petit Amphithéâtre, Institut du Monde Anglophone, Paris


25 May - Université Rennes 2




Mary Morrissy


11 March - Radboud University, Nijmegen


13 March - KU Leuven Campus


13 March - Brussel Hogeschool, Brussels


14 March - KU Leuven Kortrijk Campus, Kortrijk


14 March - Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe, Leuven




Central Europe Itinerary


Sinead Murphy and Darina Gallagher - Songs of Joyce


10th April - Vienna University, Vienna


12th April - Irish Embassy, Prague


15th April - Benczúr Ház Concert Room, Budapest




Medbh McGuckian


9th April - Shakespeare and Sons Bookshop, Prague


11th April - Vienna, Austria


15 April - University of Debrecen, Hungary


17th April - University of Pecs, Hungary


18th April - Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest







Southern Europe Itinerary


Sinead Murphy and Darina Gallagher - Songs of Joyce


Monday 29th April 21:30pm, Museu Nogueira da Silva Braga, Portugal



Tuesday 30th April 19:30pm, Sporting Club Casino de A Coruña C/Real no. 83


Sunday 30th July 12pm - James Joyce School, Trieste




Rita Duffy


Tuesday 23 April - Sala Juanjo Gallo de la Diputación de A Coruña - 19:30pm


Wednesday 24th April - Salao nobre da Reitoira da U. Minho Palestra - 12pm






United Kingdom Itinerary


Rita Duffy


Friday 10th May, 5.30pm, Multimedia Room, King's College Conference Centre, Aberdeen



Medbh McGuckian


Friday 10th May, 7pm, Linklater Room, King's College, Aberdeen


Gerry Smyth


Wednesday, 1st May, 6.00 pm, The Eleanor Rathbone Theatre, Eleanor Rathbone Building,

Bedford Street South, Liverpool


Saturday, 11th May, 8.30-9.30, May Tent, King's Lawn, Aberdeen



Julia O'Faolain


29 May - London






Faces of the Irish Itinerary

Circuit List 2013

  • Sweden- Norway
  • France - Belgium - the Netherlands
  • Czech Republic - Austria - Hungary
  • Italy - Spain - Portugal
  • United Kingdom


Centre List


  • Stockholm - Gothenburg - Dalarna - Agder
  • Paris - Rennes - Lille - Leuven - Nijmegen
  • Prague - Vienna - Pécs - Debrecen
  • Trieste - A Coruña - Braga
  • Aberdeen - Liverpool - London