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Welkom in Nederland!

France - Belgium - Netherlands Circuit


The Irish Itinerary is pleased to announce that Nijmegen has now been added to the list of cities participating in the Itinerary programme. The local coordinator is Dr. Marguérite Corporaal of Radboud University Nijmegen. More details of the Nijmegen programme will follow shortly



Destination Stockholm

Norway - Sweden Circuit


The Irish Itinerary, in coordination with the Embassy of Ireland in Sweden, will host an Irish writer in Stockholm February 2013. We look forward to seeing you there!



Liverpool 2013

United Kingdom Circuit


2 May 2013 - Irish artist Rita' Duffy will have an exhibition hung in Liverpool University's VGM red wall during the month of May. Rita Duffy will also open the exhibition with a talk and drinks reception.

Faces of the Irish Itinerary

Circuit List 2013

  • Sweden- Norway
  • France - Belgium - the Netherlands
  • Czech Republic - Austria - Hungary
  • Italy - Spain - Portugal
  • United Kingdom


Centre List


  • Stockholm - Gothenburg - Dalarna - Agder
  • Paris - Rennes - Lille - Leuven - Nijmegen
  • Prague - Vienna - Pécs - Debrecen
  • Trieste - A Coruña - Braga
  • Aberdeen - Liverpool - London